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What are your hopes for Season 6?

I hope Emma and Regina work together to defeat The Evil Queen and we see as little as possible of Hook. I also hope The Evil Queen tries to seduce Emma. Oh, I think I just inspired myself to write a fic.
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Title: Lessons in Flirting
Pairing/characters: Swan Queen (Regina/Emma)
Rating: M
Warnings: None
Word count: 526
Summary: Swan Queen drinking and flirting.
Author's Notes: I know everyone and their mum has written a Swan Queen drinking buddies fic… But you're not bored of reading them yet, right?

Read the fic at my journal

Title: So this is Christmas
Characters/Pairings: Emma/Regina, Neal, Henry, Snow, Ruby, Elsa, Granny, Leroy
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1964
Summary: 5(+1) Holiday Traditions in Storybrooke
Warnings/Spoilers: Totally AU, Neal is alive, Elsa is around but no mentions of anything that happens in S4 with her (I haven't watched S4 yet so I don't know what happens!)
Author's Notes: This was a Secret Santa fic for [ profile] mizz_destiny over at [ profile] lands_of_magic

Read the fic at my journal

If anyone's interested I've also recently posted a fluffy Christmas fic where Snow gives Regina and Henry a kitten for Christmas, a Red/Snow ficlet, a Henry/Grace ficlet and letters to Santa from Emma, Maleficent and Belle. You can find those at my journal too if you want. :)
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graphic by [ profile] mastiffgirl

Rules/FAQs ~~ Minimum Requirements ~~ Sign-Ups

Sign Ups for the Winter 2015 OUaT Femslash Exchange are officially open!! The exchange is open to almost all pairings involving the lovely ladies from Once Upon a Time & OUaT in Wonderland. You can check the list of acceptable pairings here. If there's a pairing you'd like included, please PM [ profile] ariestess or [ profile] theonlyspl. After signing up, you will be assigned another participant for whom you will make some femslashy goodness (fic, art, videos, etc). Gifts will be revealed February 26-March 1.

Sign-Ups end on January 3rd at 11:59pm Pacific Daylight Time.

Follow us on [ profile] ouat_ff_xchange or on tumblr for further details & announcements.
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Just a little vid I made for the hell of it because the Once-verse women are strong as hell and I love it.

Shout out to all the British peeps!


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