May. 25th, 2016 12:28 pm
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What are your hopes for Season 6?

I hope Emma and Regina work together to defeat The Evil Queen and we see as little as possible of Hook. I also hope The Evil Queen tries to seduce Emma. Oh, I think I just inspired myself to write a fic.
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After season 3 ended on TV, I went back to my DVDs and started re-watching the show. As I went through seasons 1-2, I confessed on my personal LJ that I didn't see SwanQueen in those seasons. Loved the idea of them together, but I didn't see that kind of chemistry between the characters.

My season 3 DVD set arrived last Tuesday and I've watched the first five episodes now. Season 3 was where I realized I could see SQ as something tangible. Regina's snide remark at calling Hook Emma's boyfriend seemed out of place until I thought, "Is she jealous of that idea?!" The fact that Emma really seemed to trust Regina in Neverland and respect her methods in "Good Form" resonated with me. When they were both grossed out by Snow and Charming's kiss made me laugh. And Emma's "he's our son" and the "We love you" to Henry just made me go, YES, this is what people have been talking about!

I'd fallen for the idea of SQ without really seeing the subtext the first time around. I see it now. ♥


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