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Hello! I'm a podficcer who has recently started shipping Swan Queen like burning (I'm a little late to the OUaT party, I admit). I have started compiling a list of Swan Queen authors who have Blanket Permission (BP) statements on their profiles for recording podfic. So far, I have only found 13, but I would love to make this list grow to make Swan Queen more accessible to interested podficcers.

For any authors interested, here is the current list of BP Swan Queen authors. Anyone can edit it, so if you create (or already have) a blanket permission statement, you can just add your name to the list with the pertinent links:

Swan Queen BP List

If you would like to read more about these kinds of statements, akamine_chan has a lovely discussion about them and some examples **here**.

And if you are unfamiliar with podfics and would like to see what they're all about, here are the Swan Queen podfics on AO3 and on The Audiofic Archive.

Thanks, I appreciate it! And please feel free to pass along this information to any interested parties or to ask if you have any podfic-related questions!

(Mods, I wasn't entirely sure how to tag this, sorry!)


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